Narrogin Vet offers thorough and affordable veterinary consultations 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. If you’re worried about your pet’s health, if they’ve had an accident or to arrange a general checkup for your pet, please call us to make an appointment. At our practice, standard vet consultations are 20 minutes long – if you think you might need more time with the vet, let our friendly front desk staff know when you make the booking.

What happens in a standard veterinary consultation?
Our vets will give your pet a careful physical examination, calmly and quietly to put your pet at ease. We’ll look at issues you want addressed and also check for any other signs of a problem. If we can, we’ll treat the problem right away, but sometimes we’ll organise for further testing like an X-ray or a blood test – which we can do in-house to allow for a quick and convenient diagnosis.

Regular Pet Health Checks

At different stages of your pet’s life it’s a good idea to have your pet’s health regularly checked for various reasons. These are the pet health checks offered by Narrogin Vet:

  • Post-purchase health checks after buying a new pet
  • Adolescent health checks prior to desexing
  • Annual health checks are recommended for all pets
  • Dental health checks
  • Senior health checks for pets over 7 years of age

To book your pet in for a health check or a general vet consultation, call Narrogin Vet today: (08) 9881 5417

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