Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Meet Our Team - Dr Emma

Dr Emma Kennare – Vet Manager

Dr Emma joined the Pets + Vets group about 10 years ago and has worked at most of our practices.

In her spare time Emma loves to work on her property and spend time with her dogs and horses.

Meet Our Team - Alyce

Alyce – Vet Nurse

Alyce has been part of the Collie Vets Team since 2020. Working with animals has been a big part of her life starting out in childhood when she would attend dog events with family. Alyce also enjoyed riding horses on her grandma’s farm, who had a range of other pets as well. After being brought up with animals, working in vet the industry became her dream. She chose to do ‘The Pathway to Veterinary Nursing’ through Open Colleges. She thoroughly enjoys the industry for not only the baby animal cuddles, but, also that no two days are the same which keeps each new day exciting.

Alyce currently owns 2 Ragdolls called Freya and Osiris, a Standardbred called Scooter.

Meet Our Team - Brittany

Brittany – Reception

Brittany has worked in the veterinary industry for 2 years working as a receptionist. She owns three beautiful French Bulldogs Doug, Dozer and Marli who she absolutely adores. She enjoys working in the industry as she loves everything animals, especially puppy cuddles.

Meet Our Team - Kate

Kate – Trainee Vet Nurse

Kate is a local in Collie and has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. She is an owner of two dogs named Ivy (a full of energy Labrador puppy) and Lucy (a Maltese Shih Tzu who is the proclaimed “princess of the house”) Kate love her fur babies more than anything in the world.
In her time off, she enjoys reading, listening to music and spending time with her dogs outdoors.


Holly – Trainee Vet Nurse

Holly is currently studying a traineeship in veterinary nursing. She has always wanted to work with animals and loves how rewarding the job is – every fur baby we save we make the world a happier place.

In Holly’s spare time she enjoys taking her 6mth old Labrador Arlo, to the beach.

Meet Our Team - Dempsey

Dempsey – Trainee Vet Nurse

Since a very young age, infatuated with the RSPCA ad on TV, Dempsey has had a passion for animals large and small. Growing up she has cared for many, from rabbits to birds and now the beautiful Groodle breed.

Dempsey got an opportunity to live out her childhood dream of becoming a Vet Nurse when she joined Collie Vet Hospital. She loves working for the Pets + Vets Group and in particular the laboratory ensuring that all animals are well looked after and receive the very best care. In her spare time, Dempsey cares for her beloved Groodles Isla and Lottie. You’ll find Dempsey in the clinic from Tuesday to Friday, always up for a furry cuddle.

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